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  • Jordana Atim

    Jordana Atim

    Data Manager, Business women, Blogger, health and lifestyle consultant. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Refugee and Migration at UMU.

  • Chris Monteiro

    Chris Monteiro

    Pirate, sysadmin, transhumanist, internet hipster. Researches cybercrime and Tor scams. Not getting paid enough for this shit

  • Eric Van Johnson

    Eric Van Johnson

    Company: @diegodevgroup | Podcaster: @PHPUgly / @larachatslack / @phparch | UG Org: @SDPHP | Enjoy Scotch and Baseball. Thoughts and tweets are my own. ☮

  • Julian Friedman

    Julian Friedman

    IBMer & PM of Cloud Foundry’s Container Engine “Garden” & “Eirini” CF/Kubernetes Integration project. Fan of PaaSes. (Words and thoughts his own, only his own)

  • Adi


    I am a freelance web and mobile developer. More about me at https://simplestweb.in

  • hoda hussin

    hoda hussin

  • Peter


  • David Yu

    David Yu

    Full-stack developer based in Shanghai. I help people turning their ideas into reality.

  • Silviu Constantin Voicu

    Silviu Constantin Voicu

  • Kalpa Vrikshika

    Kalpa Vrikshika

    ~Data foundations graduate~ ~Udacity Bertelsmann Data Science Scholar~ ~Believing until I become it~ ~Happy place~

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